Accent Colors for Your House 

For those who don’t know, accent colors add a dimension and pop of color to any room. However, there are a couple of things you should know first before you add accent colors to your house.  


Accent colors can be a great way to add intrigue and interest to any room. They add interest and depth to any space or house. You can use accent colors on both the interior and exterior of your house. With some excellent interior and exterior accent color ideas, you can make your house pop again.  

Before you hire Warren, MI painting services, here are some colors to consider: 

Interior Accent Colors 

  • Black 

In any room, black can be a brave and bold choice. However, it can be an ideal way to add a bit of sophistication with the right chosen surface and design. 

  • Purple 

For a den or office space, purple can be an excellent color. It’s a calming and welcoming color and looks good when paired with designs and stencils.  

  • Yellow 

Yellow can be an ideal way to brighten the space. It can be a great accent wall in a kid’s room or baby room. In addition to that, it can also be a way to improve the brightness of a room that might not have a lot of light inspiring feelings of joy and happiness. 

  • Blue 

A good blue color has cool undertones that can be ideal to improve the color of a room that requires a calming color. With particular shades of blue, a bathroom wall or a reading room will look great.  

Exterior Accent Colors 

If you want to add interest and dimension to your house, then consider adding exterior accent colors. There are different color schemes and options that might be ideal for your exterior paint job.  

  • Complement the Landscape 

It’s useful to pay attention to the landscape of your property. You should think about what form of colors complement it if your house is surrounded by greenery and plants.  

  • Primary Color Scheme 

Keep in mind that this palette isn’t for the faint of heart. Primary color scheme for your accent color takes into account the 3 primary colors. While painting your shutter, trimmings, and door with accents of yellow and red, you can choose a hue of your choice. It can be a great way to make your house stand out. In addition to that, the bold colors work well to contrast and match one another at the same time.  

  • Gray Exterior Color 

Different colors of gray can be an ideal way to make an accent color pop. You can always search for a color with undertones that match your accent colors in a way that isn’t overpowering, but interesting and balanced. This depends upon the color.  

  • Neutral Paint Colors 

This color palette is an ideal way to impress guests and potential buyers while also not overwhelming them. It might also be ideal for neighborhoods with strict rules and regulations. You can make your house appear presentable and sleek if you add a nice beige color combined with black and white trim. 


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